Coco after Chanel

All around the world there are famous labels and designers that amaze and thrill people with their style and attitude. From Paris to Milan, from London to New York City, these icons have made their mark in our society.

A few examples? Well, there are the consecrated LV letters that stand for Louis Vuitton, TH for Tommy Hilfiger, H&M for Hennes & Mauritz, GC for Gucci and so on.

But what happens when a brand piles it on and it crosses all its limits? Well, then, something like this happens:

Gabrielle Bonheur also known as Coco Chanel would definitely turn round her grave if she knew what happened to her famous label.

As she is dead for over 40 years, the double C-letter brand has suffered important changes. The successor of Coco, Karl Lagerfeld surely impressed with a different approach of things and style.

The well known label now is present on guitars, surf boards, footballs, on boats and even roller-skates. Quite a change, right?

Now you can spot the logo almost anywhere, even in the gym on some dumbbells.

Is this the future of all great fashion labels? Will all choose this path of fame, or will they stick to their classical, adored and clear style?


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