Cherry-trees blooming in the middle of the winter

| December 29, 2013 | 0 Comments

Wouldn’t it be weird to see cheery-trees blooming in January? Well, not if they are made out of pins, buttons and beads!

In this matter we present to you the creations of the Korean artist named Ran Hwang, white, wonderful blooming cheery-trees.

Ran’s last collection represents a flourishing corner of nature, bringing together branches, petals, and the shivering feeling of seeing a cherry tree in its bloom.

The beads were carefully pined to a colorful background and the procedure reveals spectacular floral art works, impossible not to like.

Ran is based in Brooklyn, where, most of the time, the concrete kills most of the natural green. Therefore, the artist’s collection seems like a breath of fresh air.

His technique might appear tush, but what really contours each piece is his devotion, talent and energy.

Every background or canvas is wisely chosen to reflect and emphasize the front-view image.

By doing so, the viewer’s attention is kept on the details and the floral embroidery. Just like a cheery tree in bloom, sakura-as it is called in Japan, this collection seems both traditional and modern, offering a light touch of inspiration, glance, amaze and admiration.

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