Cats and kaleidoscopes = catleidoscopes

When we were little, we had a lot of fun with Kaleidoscopes –  those fun cylinders with mirrors that created different colorful patterns. I am sure we all had one or more.
Today, we are grown ups, but that does not mean we cannot or should not have fun. It is however most likely that our fun moments are now online. And when you combine Internet cats with Kaleidoscopes, the result can only be a fun one.
 Matthew Serge Guy took it upon himself to create a website called Catleidoscope –  a site that is there to help everyone who cannot get enough of Internet cats. The website functions exactly like a kaleidoscope and you can interact with it as such. The only difference is that, instead of fun symmetrical patterns, you will be shown pictures of Grumpy Cat, Maru or Keyboard Cat. You can even select your favourite cat from the menu on the left.
Have fun!



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