Career tips from Rudoplh. Infographic

It’s Christmas and you’re probably at home, bundled up in blankets and enjoying some time off. You may not want to think about careers and job advice, but it may just be that any moment is the right moment to think about all these, if you have the right person giving you advice.

Today we found this amazing and fun infographic in which Rudolph – yes, the red-nosed reindeer – lets us in on some little secrets that help you be better at your career. Ever wondered why exactly is is that Rudolph, and no other reindeer, is leading Santa’s sleigh? It is not just because of his red nose, but also because he took his own advice.

We challenge you to go through this list and ponder upon your career. It is, after all, time for retrospection and conclusions.

Click the image to see it in full size.


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