‘Azzam’, the world’s largest private yacht

| July 8, 2013

What is the absolute superlative when it comes to constructions? What is the limit when it comes to ultimate factories?  Is there, in fact, a limit?

Taking into account the massive development when it comes to building, the answer seems to be clearlyno!

Huge skyscrapers, grand planes and…monsters of the ocean, they all seem to be the icon of wealth and luxury.

Recently, the world’s largest yacht has been taken to the sea. It is named Azzam and, while it was built in April, not very long ago it has been released to the public. “The floating palace”,  as it is often called, makes a huge impression not only by its spectacular size and shape, but also by its content. Luxury was never described so fine and elegant.

azzam mega yacht

azzam mega yacht

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