Architectural Jewelry

| July 15, 2013 | 0 Comments

Jewelry – a woman’s dream. Usually we choose our jewelry based on our taste, personality and what we are wearing. But Yumi Endo challenges us to wear jewelry that reminds us of where we lived in, inspired by architectural design and urban scenery.

Made in materials such as stainless steel, sterling silver or acrylic, the pieces of jewelry Yumi Endo creates are reminders of the places the designer has lived in. One can see the tall buildings of Manhattan, the skyscrapes’ slim figures, the mock-ups for office buildings, the straight, sober lines of storage halls – and all these items can be seen in a simple necklace. Amazing, right?

Even if you are not a fan of architecture, you can surely find a place for these items in your jewelry box. Suited for the active woman, the on-the-go fashionista, these items are fashion-forward, sleek and modern and surely you’ll want to own a couple. You can browse through the available models for earrings and necklaces. What’s your favourite?

via Yumi Endo. Available for buying here.

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