Amazing Steampunk Speakers by Airhammer Industries

| September 2, 2013 | 1 Comments

Empire Steampunk speakers

The octagonal cabinet is sealed and constructed of ¾” MDF board, covered with a copper veneer and finished with bright copper edge strips with brass finish washers and bronze square head drive screws.

Covered with 1.5” thick granite top. All copper tubing, copper wire and exposed copper plate has been sanded and clear coat painted to minimize corrosion. The woofer is down firing and there are 16 different types of copper veneer available for selection.


– via Airhammer Industries

Empire Steampunk speakers

Empire Steampunk speakers

Empire Steampunk speakers

Empire Steampunk speakers

  • 2ft1st

    It can’t be explained, but I expect to see a spigot or stopcock somewhere on this design. Maybe I just need a drink. Good job. Looks spectacular.

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