A SmarT-shirt you must have!

| August 22, 2013

You see it, you inspect it and, within the next 5 seconds you decide: You want IT!

I’m talking here about the brand new SMART T-shirts that you will simply adore. Now, you can put your iPod into your blouse while letting the music relax you or you can simply wear a fashionable guitar around your abdomen while you cross the city. Everyone will admire your funny, yet, clever shirt.

Nevertheless, things you always need, like pens or pencils, will never leave your side. Now it’s very easy to attach them on your T-shirt, making sure you will not forget them home, while your friends will think the objects are a drawn on the material.

And as everything nowadays represents an advertising object, what if I told you that you could always wear with you that interesting newspaper you have? Well, it is true, you can only read it once, but the way it looks will definitely make the shirt worth it.

But smart shirts mean so much more than that! There are neon T-shirts that produce light every time you want, or that have games included in their fabrics. And even a way to cool you down has been created and implemented in your favorite T-shirt!

Time to go shopping! Enjoy!

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