A poetic interpretation of African tribes

Words can sometimes be extremely powerful. Poetry is based on that; but what happens when words are boosted by powerful imagery, meant to add more sense and to incite the viewer to interpretation.

Nottingham Trend University student Alexandria Robinson was challenged to visually interpret a poem using imagery and typography. All the three poetic interpretations that resulted are based on African tribes. Alexandria used powerful colors and geometric forms to create art that inspires, that creates amazement, that invites you to re-interpret it in every occasion.

Alexandria’s work is a stunning example of how a piece of art can evoke so many feelings in the recipient and how these two forms of expressing yourself through art – poetry and imagery – can co-exist so beautifully, that it seems almost symbiotic. In the same time, we get an intimate peek on the lives and particularities of certain African tribes: the Maasai, the Wodaabe, the Mursi.

The three poems reinterpreted visually by Alexandria are:

In Kenya the
fierce tribe of
Maasai rule the plains,
cause them grief and
they will split your brains,
shaved head and stretched
ears are their tradition,
spearing lions is their mission.

Right on the outskirt
of the Sahara desert
will be singing tribes
people standing tall and alert
Gerewol festival is taking place
where Wodaabe people paint
bright colours upon their face



The Mursi tribe command respect
bone necklaces hanging from their neck
a canopy of feathers
upon their heads
an array of colours, greens and reds



Source: Alexandria Robinson

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