16 gorgeous, abandoned places

Here are the top most beautiful, yet abandoned places in the world:

More info and photo source on: www.turismistoric.ro


Disney Island, Buena Vista, Florida, SUA

One of the natural attractions of the Disney Empire of Florida, Discovery Island was abandoned when in the waters around the building was discovered a potentially lethal bacteria.

Hashima Island, Japan

In the past it was extremely rich in carbon resources. There were more than 5.000 miners working in the island. After the petrol surpassed these particular resources, the city within the island became a ghost-town.

Pripiat, Ucrain

Pripiat is a city once populated with over 50.000 people. After the nuclear disaster from Chernobyl, from 1986, the city was abandoned due to the radiations. It is clear that in lack of people, nature has made its mark upon the streets and buildings and the result seems one of a horror movie.

The sunk city,  Shicheng, China

Shicheng is under water for about 53 years, since the hydroelectric plant from Xin’an river flooded the entire area. The city is 1.300 years old.

Orpheum Auditorium, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA

It was opened in the day The Titanic had sunk, on 15 April 1912 .

Canfranc railway-station, Spain

Even though it was firstly an international route between France and Spain, after a bridge accident, the connecting line was abandoned.

Gulliver’s Theme Park, Kawaguchi, Japan

It was built at the base of mountain Fuji and it opened its doors in 1997. In spite of the financial support given by the Japanese government, after 10 years it was closed because it did not attract visitors.

Abandoned connective line Lebanon, Missouri, USA

It beautifully ends in the heart of the forest.

The Christ from San Fruttuoso, Italy

Guido Galletti created the statue in 1954 and loaded it 17 meters under the sea level.

Miranda Castle, Celles, Belgium

The Castle belonged to well off families and during the Second World War it served as an orphanage. Nowadays it represents a great place for ghost hunters to visit.

The Lighthouse from Aniva, Sakhalinskaya Oblast, Russia

The island is situated on the East coast of Russia and served in the past as a jail. It was a dispute reason between Russians and Chinese.

Salto Hotel, Columbia

It was designed for well off tourists who wanted to visit the Tequendama Waterfall. When the waterfall was contaminated with all sorts of pollutant agents, the whole area was abandoned.

Central Station, Michigan, Detroit, USA

It was built between 1912 and 1913. At a time, it was the tallest station’s building in the world.

The Diamond mine, East of Siberia, Russia

The Mir Mine represents the second greatest crater made by man on the surface of Earth. The mine was built out of Stalin’s orders to assure the need of diamonds for the Soviet Union.

Military Hospital, Beelitz, Germany

The locals claim sometimes they can hear patients’s lamentations.

The Mill from Quebec, Canada

It was built by the French and nowadays represents a great tourist attraction.

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