15 Game Room Ideas You Did Not Know About + Pros & Cons

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Game Room Ideas – You love to play, but always cancel on any plans that involve you having to leave home just to enjoy your favorite game.

Not any more though, as you can now set aside an entire game room and enjoy playing while spending quality time with your loved ones. Here are 15 game room ideas you did not know about:

Pool table

Game room design ideas
Pool game room ideas via tedxumkc.com

This comes mostly in one size, 5ft wide, 9.6 ft long and 30ft high off the ground. You might also need about 7ft of space at each end of the table and 4 ft on the sides of the table between the walls.

This way, people have enough room to move around, especially if you are having a large group of about 5 people playing. Be sure to have great lighting right above the table just to ensure that you can see as you score or not.


  • Having a pool table is a great way to bond with your loved ones, while having fun at the comfort of your home.


  • Purchasing a pool table is a rather expensive affair, as compared to other gaming devices.
  • A pool table would consume too much of you space than you could be willing to give up.
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