A Guide to Different Types of Decorative Garden Fences

Parts of Decorative Garden Fences

Decorative Garden Fences

Most decorative garden fences are made up of four main parts: the rail, picket, post and diagonal or panel gate. This is a general overview of these components.


The rail is where the decorative fence boards are attached. The rail is usually a solid material; however, sometimes a slat or board made from a material which gives different movement to the rail is used.


The pickets are the vertical posts that hold the decorative fencing boards. The most common material for the pickets is wood. However, some decorative fencing will have pickets made of metal, plastic or composed of different materials to give an interesting look.


Posts are the vertical columns that hold up the rail and picket of a decorative fence. The posts usually are wood or metal, but can be made of plastic.

Diagonal or Panel Gate

This is a gate that has two diagonal bars on the rails. The bars can vary in shape. Some are arches, and some are more traditional. The gate can also be in different materials than the rest of the fencing.

While many homes and businesses have plain concrete fences as a security barrier, decorative garden fencing is used primarily to add beauty and style to a garden. Decorative fences are made to look realistic, not like a brick or rock wall.

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