Exciting Bathtub Shower Combo Ideas For Wonderful Bathroom Area Design

Compressed Bathtub Shower Combo

Cool Bathtub Shower Combo

The picture above shows us the compressed version of a walk-in tub.

This is very suitable if the area is already confined and pretty small for general bathtub and a shower.

Even though the typical size would be 5 feet, you might find another model that has a smaller size.

But before you buy one and bring it home, make sure that the size could fit your bathroom space.

Besides saving area in a huge amount, the tub and shower are still useful after all.

Most of this type of bathtub shower has a deeper depth.

So, even though the length is already cut off, you can still enjoy the bath with deeper water.

This type of fixture is mostly manufactured in modern and contemporary styles.

It is going to make your bathroom looks stylish and functional at the same time.

If you already have a bathtub in your home then you can install it right next to the wall.

Later, you can install a shower on the wall right above the bathtub.

Remodeling our house does not always require all new things after all.

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